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    How to use a PS4 Controller on PC

    In my previous article we’ve seen how to properly connect and install a PS3 joystick, this time I want to show you how to use a PS4 Controller on PC. I do not have a Playstation 4 yet, so I couldn’t effectively try this method myself. Still, the guide I found seems pretty detailed so I believe you won’t have issues with this installation as long as you follow all the required steps correctly. Check it out!

  • Controllers,  PC Games

    How to use a PS3 Controller on PC

    I always wondered how to use a PS3 controller on PC in order to play certain games more easily, but I had quite a hard time trying to figure out the correct method. If you want to use a Xbox 360/ONE controller that might be way easier for you, mostly because this console is a Microsoft product, thus already compatible with your operating system. But what happens if you only have a Playstation 3 and no other controllers at your disposal?

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    PC Games Best Character Customization

    One of the things I love most in a RPG (Role-Playing Game) is the possibility of creating my own character with tons of different options and add-ons. I made a research yesterday and found some interesting PC Games I already knew about, adding them to the titles I have or plan to get with the best Character Customization. I’m going to list them here for you guys also attaching a few videos so that you can see directly how they work and what kind of possibilities they offer. Follow me under the cut if you’re curious!

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    Video Game Visual Effects

    I previously talked about PC game mods explaining how they allow you to modify your characters and/or environments adding new details or swapping the original files. In this article I would like to explain what else we PC gamers can do to get an advanced post-processing result in our favorite games, because I myself discovered this incredible feature a few months ago and I literally can’t play without it now. I am talking about video game Visual Effects aka ReShade Graphics and the way it might affect our gaming experience.

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    PC Games vs Console Games – Which do people prefer?

    First things first, I am perfectly aware of the fact that not everyone is a hardcore PC gamer. Consoles have been out there for literally a lifetime, they have accompanied us for so many years especially when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Considering how graphics, engines and gameplays have improved over the past decade, our gaming experience has drastically changed and reached levels we were not even expecting.