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The Last Remnant PC Steam Giveaway: Winner Announced!

First of all, I want to apologyze for the slight delay. I was supposed to make this post a few days after the ending date, but I had to wait more than planned because the first winner I contacted didn’t answer my email within the time given.  Second, I deeply thank all of you who entered the contest, I was quite surprised to see how many people were interested in getting this title from me!


As you can see, the overall amount of entries is over 900 and quite close to 1000! I feel like I have to thank my dear friend Dana who shared the link on Reddit, but damn guys you definitely made me smile! I thought TLR was quite a forgotten game nowadays and at first I didn’t know what to choose between this and Assassin’s Creed 2. However, as I explained in my original giveaway post, I really wanted to bring it back to life and let you guys discover such a nice gem.

However, I also need to make a small annotation because apparently a lot of you did not properly enter, which forced me to invalidate a few slots against my will.
The listed rules explained that if you wanted to pick the ‘Comment on blog post’ option, you had to actually select one of my articles and write something about it. Many participants didn’t seem to understand this point and simply wrote a short, random word instead of the name they had to use for the message on my site. I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding and invalidation guys, please feel free to enter again in my future contests!

Last but not least, congratulations to Arti Khodos who won and received the game on Steam! I hope you will enjoy this JRPG as much as I still do and please feel free to ask me anything about it if you need! 😀

Stay tuned for future articles, projects and giveaways!

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