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Gaming ASMR

What is Gaming ASMR?

ASMR, specifically Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a particular method used to help people relax and/or fall asleep simply using specific sounds and giving static-like tingling sensations along the skin through them.

How is ASMR connected to the gaming world?

There are different kinds of ASMR and you can find a lot of dedicated channels on YouTube. Some people like to use sounds and soft music while others prefer their voice while whispering in a silent context, it all depends on what you’re looking for and makes you feel good while listening.  ASMR is quite appreciated by a huge number of people, but others simply consider this form weird due its nature and what authors do in their videos.

The creators usually suggest to use your headphones for a better and deeper reception.

Whispering and controller sounds

There are many ASMR videos including a silent playthrough where the player whispers to comment the experience in the meantime. As you can see in this example, the game audio is turned off completely, that combined with the soft voice speaking over it and the fingers pressing on the gamepad is supposed to induce drowsiness and slowly put the listener to sleep. This may or may not work depending on how people react to the sounds.

In this other video the girl is tapping some controllers using her nails to increase the reception, talking with a weak feeble voice. It may not be very interesting to watch, but I’d say it’s suitable for the purpose.


Roleplays are probably one of the most widespread hobbies online, where people pretend to be a specific character in videos or written stories.

The ASMR community includes tons of roleplay videos also in the gaming section, in this one you can see a girl impersonating a Skyrim character where “you” are the interlocutor. In this kind of videos you can find a lot of well prepared details such as lighting, themed items and environment, but the classic ASMR content is still present with the usual whispering and different sounds from the tapping to the scratching.

Here you are another detailed (and veeeeery long) ASMR roleplay for Life Is Strange:

Although I am not particularly interested in roleplays, I have to say this one is quite impressive not just for the high quality camera, but also for the many objects decorating the room and used for the actual interaction. You can also hear a real teaching about photography including a bunch of very technical descriptions.

And hey, how about the amazing acting skills? 😀


This kind of ASMR is definitely my favorite, because the audios also give you a sort of immersion while listening. As I mentioned in my article Panoramic Screenshots in Games, I absolutely love admiring the atmospheres in the games I play, exploring every available corner and paying attention even to the smallest rock or blade of grass.

Usually you can make the background music disappear completely from your gameplay, being able to hear sounds that you couldn’t really catch in the beginning. This creates a new level of realism, since in real life you don’t really walk down the streets accompanied by a soundtrack (unless you’re using an iPod 😉 ).

What do you think about ASMR? Is there anything specific you like to listen to and that helps you relax after a rough day, or is simply inspirational for your writing? Do you find it weird and would like to express your constructive criticism about this community? Are you a Gaming ASMR creator yourself and are willing to share your personal knowledge? Don’t hold back!

As a final note, and this is actually off topic, I recently noticed my site hit its first year of life last month and I have to thank you all for the views, comments and for sharing my content on Social Media. Your support means a lot to me and I can’t wait to see the page grow and bring you more interesting content!

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