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Online Games: The Fun, The Scary, The Immersive

A long time ago, when I didn’t have my PS3 nor a decent PC to play heavy games yet, I used to surf the net quite a lot looking for different minigames that I could try without installing anything, nor overloading my poor machine with heavy graphics and shaders. In my opinion, there actually are many online games that, despite their old style design and very short stories (if they have one), can be defined little gems for their immersive content and the fun provided, not to mention that you can play everything for free.

As you can see, I’m not talking about MMORPGS such as TERA, Blade&Soul and Black Desert. This article is about the old-style applications, just like the ones we used to play to kill our boredom at a younger age.

There surely are too many minigames available out there to list them all, from the classic dressup apps to Candy Crush Saga (but I don’t think you’re here to read about those anyway :P). I made some tests and a long research these days (reason why it took me so long to post a new article) and I found some interesting applications that I hope will satisfy your gaming needs, especially in those empty moments when you cannot spend too many hours on your favorite RPGs but still want something to play around with.

untitled-1Starting from the basics, I certainly cannot ignore the one and only, Italian fellow Super Mario. The author of this minigame remade it like a sort of crossover with more characters to select (and you can also recognize Link from Legend of Zelda), but if you pick the standard Mario and start playing I assure you it will feel like the ’90s are back and you are a child again. Ahhh the good NES times where everything was blocky AND still felt amazing.

untitled-2Then we also have Wolverine Tokyo Fury. I don’t think the wolf guy here needs an introduction, but whether or not you are a Marvel fan I’m sure you will enjoy this simple side scrolling game with the famous character from the comics and movies.

Update: The link appears to be offline, oh noes! 😰

untitled-3The Light Work is a little game I discovered a few years ago, I’m happy I managed to find it again because I really wanted to include it in my list. This is pretty similar to all those Facebook flash games where you only have one task to achieve in every level, but whenever you step forward (or should I say ‘fly’) everything becomes a bit more challenging and if you don’t collect enough lives you may go back to the start on Level 1. Not so different from the old gaming generation, isn’t it?


If you used to like the old Tetris and all the similar games that came out in the years, you may also like Gold Rush. Prospector Jack dug too greedily and became a ghost a long time ago and now he’s doomed to haunt the mines forever. You can help him lift the curse by clicking on the blocks of the same color and using the unlockable tools to stop the pile of gems from growing.


Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is originally a mobile app available for iOs and Android, but you can play the demo version for free online. Nothing particularly immersive since you can only make a short naval race, but it still can be fun to play during a break or so.


Speaking of RPGs, we have some very cool content here and if you are a Dragon Age lover like myself, you absolutely can’t avoid this free game. It may not be extremely developed in terms of graphics, but the whole interface and gameplay is pretty similar to the one you get in the full installment of Dragon Age: Origins.  Guide your new hero to Orzammar and escape from the deadly Dark Spawn. The game has an incorporated autosave option, if your cookies are active you should be able to continue where you left once you load the page again.


Mirror’s Edge 2D is another side scrolling flash application based on the Mirror’s Edge franchise, once available on the official EA site. You still get the same protagonist (Faith Connors) and a nice reproduction of the game’s original sceneries, with the same bright reds, whites and blues.

22033_1Mad Father is an Indie horror game created by Sen (The Miscreant’s Room) and made within the Wolf RPG Editor. This time you can play it directly on your PC, but it’s fully available for free on different sites. The game has been classified as a ‘creepypasta’ due to its dark nature and story’s content. Aya is an 11yo girl who lost her mother way too soon due to a bad disease and seeks his father attention being unable to sleep on her own. The mysterious man, however, seems to be busy working into his secluded laboratory and Aya knows he’s actually making some weird experiments from the disturbing screams she can hear behind that door every now and then. One night, a horrible curse spreads into the whole house and the little girl will need to figure out a way to break it and save her own life from more than just some zombies infesting her place.


The last game I want to suggest is Keep In Mind, although it’s not exactly a game but mostly an introspective journey (quite short). Don’t let the graphics stop you, I really think you should go through it and see what it hides 😉

This is exactly what I mean when I say games are an art form. Playing in 4K and getting super realistic graphics with tons of heavy shaders is great, but that is not what truly defines a game and makes it beautiful. I would lie if I’d say I don’t care about epic graphics, but that is not my number one priority. What do you think, guys? Have you ever played any of these or do you have something else to suggest? If so, please feel free to leave a comment below, I’m always willing to try new stuff and read different feedbacks! 😀


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