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There are many mobile games you may want to try, from fantasy RPGs like Lineage to simple pastimes and strategy apps like Candy Crush or Visual Novels. These titles are usually available for both iOS and Android, but what happens if you do not have enough memory on your device for all these apps or simply want to enjoy the game on a big screen while also preventing your battery from getting dried?

It is possible to play mobile games on PC thanks to an App Player like Bluestacks, which can easily be connected to a legit Google Play account for in-app purchases should you want to buy items, Otome novels or full games.

Bluestacks can be a little demanding in terms or memory and may have some troubles with specific apps on Windows 10, but works fairly well with almost everything and runs smoothly if your machine can handle it.

Please note that this player requires CPU virtualization. If you have this setting turned off in your BIOS, Bluestacks will notify you and won’t be able to run. In order to safely activate this option after accessing your BIOS, I recomment these instructions either for Intel or AMD.

Other App Players for PC:

ARChon for Google Chrome


What to do when Bluestacks eats up space from your HDD?

The more you use the program, download games and collect their data, the bigger your Data_0.vdi file located in Program Data > Bluestacks > > Engine > Android will become. Unfortunately, even removing and reinstalling the app(s) will not fix the issue, as all the collected data will remain stored in your virtual Android archive. You may want to try the incorporated tool to free up space included in Settings > User Data, this may help you gain a few MBs or even GBs, but the amount of space taken by the player may still remain rather big. At some point you may try reinstalling Bluestacks anew and start over with the apps you want to use (as long as they have a regular Login, you won’t lose any data), but the same issue will represent again evetually.