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There are many mobile games you may want to try, from fantasy RPGs like Lineage to simple pastimes and strategy apps like Candy Crush or Otome games like Mystic Messenger and Liar!. These titles are usually available for both iOS and Android, but what happens if you do not have enough memory on your device for all these apps or simply want to enjoy the game on a big screen while also preventing your battery from getting dried?

It is possible to play mobile games on PC thanks to an App Player like Bluestacks, which can easily be connected to a legit Google Play account for in-app purchases should you want to buy items, Otome novels or full games.

Bluestacks can be a little demanding in terms or memory and may have some troubles with specific apps on Windows 10, but works fairly well with almost everything and runs smoothly if your machine can handle it.

Other App Players for PC:

ARChon for Google Chrome

Note: I can’t guarantee you will find any released app on each of these listed emulators. Bluestacks seems to have pretty much every app on the market and I also heard good things about Nox.

What to do when Bluestacks eats up space from your HDD?

The more you use the program, download games and collect their data, the bigger your Data_0.vdi file located in Program Data > Bluestacks > > Engine > Android will become. It is no different from any other app installed on your phone, reason why sometimes it is better to remove it and install the updated version anew instead of replacing it. I was wondering why my Bluestacks data file was over 30GB until I found out there is a way to shrink it with Bluestacks 4, so it is highly recommended to upgrade if you haven’t already. For some reason, your app player sometimes doesn’t seem to find any new update (may happen on Windows 7 especially), so all you need to do is download the latest version from the site manually and overwrite the old one. Once BS4 is running you have to open the main settings and click on User Data, a new feature called Disk cleanup with a Free up space button has been added. The cleanup will not remove your installed apps nor game progress, it will simply delete all the useless chunk like accumulated cache and remainings from old apps you uninstalled, it just may take some time in order to process everything.

Warning: Updating to BS4 you may be forced to input your accounts data and Google password all over again.

There might be a way to run the cleanup with a previous version of Bluestacks too, but it didn’t work for me; press the Windows key + R and type C:\Program Files\BlueStacks\DiskCompactiontool.exe, that should launch the Disk Compactor. If your system cannot find the tool, a program upgrade will be the only solution.