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IT 2017: From the VR Cinematic Experience to the Mini Game

IT, or Pennywise the clown has come back to scare us all, now with a completely new appearence that differs quite a lot from the iconic 1990 movie (featuring a great Tim Curry as protagonist) and has taken the spotlight with Bill Skarsgård’s e(pic)vil smile and acting skills. It all started with a terrifying VR Cinematic Experience, which gave us a good insight of what we could expect from the movie itself. No official video game has been announced for this cult, but HeroGollum created a first person mini game and released it on GameJolt.

Are you ready to float? 🎈

The 2017 adaptation is technically not a remake, but a more accurate live action based on Stephen King‘s horror novel. Due to the incredible success this film had in a very short time, the sequel has already been confirmed and it will develop what we’ve seen in the miniseries from the 1990 and is written in the second volume of the book; Pennywise is coming back for the ones he failed to kill and defeated it instead, all grown up and unable to remember the terrific encounter with the hungry clown until they visit their old town again.

Experience IT like never before

The VR is basically a little trailer for the movie and we are the character facing Pennywise instead of the Losers Club there. From how the interactive video starts we can guess poor little Georgie is already dead and we most likely need to inspect the sewers to find out what’s going on down there. It’s just like a short walking simulator (you can’t control your movements though, it’s only a recorded sequence) with a full 360° view, even if you don’t own a VR headset you can still use your mouse to take a look around and see how incredibly realistic the environment appears.

Watch the full thing here.

Note: Apparently VR trailers are becoming a real trend for horror movies lately. In fact, Annabelle and The Conjuring 2 got their cinematic experience too to celebrate the brand new films released in theatres recently (thanks, I think I’ll pass on those two! 😱).

Time to float

Whether you watched the movie or not, this will certainly be enjoyable if you’re generally into horror games and like to solve puzzles. The launcher will prompt you to enter a garage and hunt down Pennywise while searching for clues, keys and solving mysteries quickly enough, but our Dancing Clown will watch you from the dark the entire time and thus the jumpscares are 100% guaranteed. The creator stated that he specifically made the game more difficult than standards because it’s rather short and isn’t supposed to be solved on a first try. IT is still marked as early access and more updates are about to be included into the walkthrough.

The game is rated for a mature audience for its nature and themes.

HeroGollum is a sixteen year old modeler and game creator. On his GameJolt account you can find two more projects done and the complete overview of his Pennywise recreation can be found on DeviantArt along with more FNAF models and general 3D work.

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