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    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Ansel, Performance and Mods

    Final Fantasy XV has finally arrived on Windows in its final state, along with an additional pack for console users (Royal Edition) containing a completely remade Chapter 14 and a few special additions along the playthrough. What PC gamers were fearing before the final release was a poor optimization with mediocre performance despite the time they took to polish it, but owning the game myself and running it on a 3yo system I can say Square Enix did exactly what we were promised in the beginning: they allowed older computers to handle it better than any other port from console, although they had to release a new patch afterwards in…

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    Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition – Release Date, Benchmark and overview

    Happy (belated) 2018 everyone! I owe you an apology for the lack of updates in December, sadly real life got in the middle between the Holidays and personal commitments. However, yesterday morning I woke up with a bunch of incredible news regarding the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV, such as the awaited release date, official requirements and general informations. I thought that would be quite a nice way to start a new year on the blog, especially considering I’ve been fairly obsessed with this RPG for quite some time now! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    The Last Remnant on PC

    “In a world filled with Remnants – mysterious artifacts from an ancient era – the journey of one young man begins…” Back in 2007 I browsed through a few videos on YouTube and found this interesting E3 Trailer for an upcoming fantasy game developed by Square Enix. “Wow,” I thought. “This one looks cool, I’d like to play it someday.” And so did I, exactly in September 2009, when I managed to play The Last Remnant on PC thanks to a friend who lent me her copy for a few months.