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I have mentioned PC Game Trainers once or twice in my articles, only now I decided to write a whole post about it.

You may think that cheating while playing is awful, to the point you won’t even enjoy a game for what it is and for the challenges it offers; you are definitely not wrong, my friend. But if you look at it from a different perspective you’ll see that using Trainers is not always as bad as it looks.


Help, I’m stuck!

In my The Last Remnant article/review I explained what happened to me once when I didn’t keep a previous save because I thought it wasn’t necessary. Now that I ‘ve got a few years of experience I of course know all too well that the more you save the better will be in case something wrong happens, but what if you accidentally overwrite your progress or simply save way too early and find yourself forced to do the latest part all over again?

In my case, not only I couldn’t go back anymore due to a locked door but I also was completely stuck against a Boss I wasn’t able to defeat because of my low battle rank. For a moment I accepted the idea of re-playing everything from the start since I didn’t really have any other choice, but then I thought I could at least try and seek help on a forum to preserve my hours of work. That’s when someone suggested me to download a specific Trainer in order to activate a sort of super power and kill my opponent with just one hit and normally continue with my playthrough.

Needless to say that even if yes, I cheated, I felt like I wanted to kiss that person for offering me this kind of solution. I play video games because they are fun, especially if they have a good plot and an interesting gameplay with epic Bosses and good side quests. I generally do not cheat because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them in their entirety… still, if I have to choose between a quick kill to move forward and lose my latest achievements I surely won’t think about it twice.

I’m injured

This is actually something I never considered, until an online friend told me she had to use a Trainer to keep her character’s health frozen on the maximum level in order to play without straining her injured arm too much.
Games with melee combats and combos require a lot of energy in your hands and sometimes I might get inflamed nerves just pressing my controller’s buttons for too long or unceasingly clicking with my mouse. I would literally explode if I had to avoid video games completely until my pains are gone, thus I think this would be the best solution as long as I don’t exaggerate and take my needed breaks (take note kids!)

Jeez, I need a Time Turner!

Many games offer a lot of different options you can pick for alternative endings and/or character’s personalities. RPGs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age even give you the chance to romance various characters with your protagonist, picking different races and classes at the beginning. In that case you certainly want to start new playthroughs just to test the many possibilities, but when the game is huge and needs you to do tons of missions before getting where you want to be it could become a bit problematic and force you to stop playing to concentrate over something else.


Your first, complete playthrough lasted months and you’re currently too busy to do everything a second time (not to mention the other characters you have planned to make!). You have a fulltime job perhaps, many other games in your list and family matters… yet you really want to try a new romance or a class variation! Oh it would be so great if you could just rewind your day, am I right?

In this case a good and functional Trainer will definitely come in handy; activate the God Mode to make your characters immortal and avoid game overs, give them experience points to unlock new skills quickly, turn the One Hit Kill on to easily defeat your enemies, proceed with the next cutscenes without wasting too much time and have fun.

Where and how

First of all you have to be sure the Trainer version you are about to download is compatible with your latest game’s patch, otherwise it will simply be unusable or directly crash your game when you launch it.

The second thing you should know before panicking in case your Antivirus marks the Trainer as a potential malware is that these programs are generally safe (it of course depends on where you get them) and everyone usually suggests to deactivate your protection or put the .exe under the exceptions directory. I personally do not like to close my Antivirus, so I basically pick the second choice or search for another Trainer to avoid any form of issue.

Cheat Happens is one of the most used sites for this stuff, followed by GameCopyWorld. The first one is sadly quite limited because you have to own a Premium membership to download some of the best and latest Trainers posted there. The second is completely free but a bit bothersome; all the links bring you to and make you wait a few seconds before redirecting the page.

Another thing used by many gamers is a program called Cheat Engine. For available Cheat Tables created by a bunch of talented programmers you can visit the official forum and browse through the available topics (or type your game in the Search section).

Trainers are always quite easy to use. The standard ones generally need a simple key for the activation (Insert) and the numpad to select the effects you want.

Cheat Engine asks you to open a process (active game), then you can click on the Open button to select one or more Cheat Tables from your downloaded list. The creators always include some quick instructions which explain what their cheats do and which key they require to work.

Warning: CE may crash your game from time to time (but again it may or may not happen depending on the running application).

Note: I do not recommend random sites where they ask you to fill a survey in order to download their Trainers, those are scams and won’t give you anything at all. If you see a bunch of positive comments on their pages chances are all of those are fake and put there simply to convince you that doing as they ask you’ll receive what you came for. All lies, step back and close the tab.

Do NOT use any Trainer nor Cheat Engine if you play a Multiplayer session, you could be banned if they find out you are cheating!

Oh look, what a cute deer!
Err… yes… that’s a glitch. Using Cheat Engine in certain games might also do this, but hey at least it makes you smile! ๐Ÿ˜‰



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