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Mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava Gaming Review

Today I bring you a new technical review about a gaming product; the mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava Gaming.
If you’re looking for a nice mouse without spending a huge amount of money and leaving the aesthetic aspect aside, this model is one of the best options you may consider in order to replace your old peripheral.

Note: This article includes affiliate links.

The Trust GXT mouse is extremely simple to use and does not require any additional installation nor technical operation. This model is connected to the PC/laptop via USB cable, which means it won’t be completely wireless and no battery is needed to make it work. I’ve been using an optic wireless mouse for a few years before the switch and I can say that in the end I got extremely tired of it because of the constant battery replacement. Not all batteries have a decent life span and that could also inevitably become an additional expense you’d rather avoid during the year.

Wireless mice can also be problematic if you are going to play video games with them; the optic sensor can generate an unwanted lag whenever you try to move the camera around and if the battery inside has been consumed, it will slow down considerably and completely ruin your experience with a terrible latency (turning itself off completely at one point too, forcing you to stop whatever you’re doing until you manage to apply a new battery. Now think about that happening right when you’re in the middle of a multiplayer section 😱).

The first thing that may attract you about the GXT 108 is the colorful animated LED cycle on the top cover. Apart from the fact it feels incredibly comfortable and smooth once held in your hand, the buttons are not hard to press at all and you can also change the dpi speed by clicking the middle button under the scroll wheel. The sensor can go up to 2000 dpi.

The GXT mouse has a total of six responsive buttons, but the LED colors cannot be adjusted. This means that you won’t be able to set a preferable static color, nor to determine how you want the cycle to look like. In my opinion this is a good compromise for a cheap, yet professional gaming mouse that still looks pleasing to the eye.

Its price may vary depending on the shop you buy it from. The range is generally between $12 and $15 (€19,99 if purchased in Italy). The GXT even includes different models with unique top designs and different LED combinations.

The mouse is compatible with Windows from 7 to 10, no Mac OS is listed in the requirements. The package includes a gaming GXT sticker and a standard user guide.

Simply connect the 1.7 braided cable to a free USB port and your system will automatically download the required drivers as it does with any other external peripheral. This product is highly responsive and I find the dpi control very useful if you want your mouse cursor to move faster and quickly shift between speeds with a simple button.

You can purchase the GXT 108 Rava Gaming over here, see links below for additional versions and product bundles.

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