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How to use a PS4 Controller on PC

3vdrtzqyIn my previous article we’ve seen how to properly connect and install a PS3 joystick, this time I want to show you how to use a PS4 Controller on PC.
I do not have a Playstation 4 yet, so I couldn’t effectively try this method myself. Still, the guide I found seems pretty detailed so I believe you won’t have issues with this installation as long as you follow all the required steps correctly.

Check it out!

  1. First of all, in order to activate your PS4 controller you have to download the provided Driver Package from this link.
  2. If you have Windows 8 you do not need to install the dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe included in the archive because it’s already on your computer. If you have Windows 7 or Vista however you have to run the program (you might already have it, but be sure that everything is up to date on your system), along with the dxwebsetup.exe and vcredist_x86.exe (these two are required in each case).
  3. Open up the SCPServer folder and the bin one you’ll find inside, then plug in your PS4 controller with its cable or the Bluetooth Dongle (if you have one and want to use that instead).
  4. Open the Zadig folder and run the zadig application as administrator, a new window will open.
    If you want to play with a wired controller: Select Device > Load Preset Device and pick the DualShock4.cfg from the Zadig container. Go to Options > List All Devices, from the drop-down menu pick the Wireless Controller line and click over the Replace Driver button. If you get a warning message which asks you for a confirmation select Yes.
    If you want to install a Bluetooth receiver: Click on Device > Load Preset Device again and choose the Bluetooth.cfg file from the Zadig folder. If you previously made this operation for the wired controller, due to a glitch which prevents the drop-down menu to appear you have to uncheck List All Devices in the Options menu and check it a second time. Pick the Bluetooth Dongle from the lines in list (it should have your device’s name) and click the Replace button. If you are using the same device for your wireless mouse or keyboard, you won’t be able to use them anymore with it.
  5. Close Zadig and go back to the bin folder. Right-click on ScpDriver and run it as administrator, uncheck the Bluetooth Driver since you’ve already installed a newer version and Install (if you have an older system such as Vista or XP you have to select Forced Install too).
  6. If you’re using a wired controller you should be able to immediatly use it after the previous steps, but in case you want to play games via Bluetooth you need to go to Start > Command Prompt and once again select it as administrator. Type net stop “SCP DS3 Service” and hit Enter. Unplug your PS4 Controller (detaching the USB cord from it), hold the Share and PS buttons for about five seconds until its blue light starts flashing.
  7. Open up the Ds4Pair file (bin folder) running it as administrator once more and wait until it stops searching, then click on Start at the bottom to fully connect your Bluetooth. Exit when it’s done.
  8. If you open the ScpMonitor you’ll notice everything appears disconnected because the ScpServer is not running (we manually stopped it before). To make it work again go back to Command Prompt and type net start “SCP DS3 Service”, then Enter. In order to fully connect your controller you have to press the PS button to activate it.

“Is there a way to correctly disconnect my PS4 controller when the battery is low?”

Hold the L1, R1 and PS buttons at the same time for five seconds, you should see the text Reserved in ScpMonitor which means it is in fact disconnected.

Check the source video.

“If you are getting “Host Address: Disconnected”, there are two things going on here. Are you using a Bluetooth dongle? If no, then ignore it. Host Address refers to a Bluetooth dongle and not the controller.”

As I previously said I do not have a PS4 console nor controller at my disposal, thus I cannot say how it actually worked for me. The same kind of tutorial was made by the same person for the PS3 controller though, I had no troubles following his instructions so I’m sure it will be the same for the PS4 version.

If you have any question or issue you’d like to point out, please leave a comment below!

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