Can you run it?

canurunit“Oh I soooo want to play this game! I wonder if my computer can handle it?”

If you want to play something on your machine you need to be sure your system meets at least the minimum requirements. If you’re not sure about your current rig simply go to Start and right-click on Computer, then select Properties. The most important things are your processor (CPU), RAM memory and graphics card(s).

Alternatively you can also visit the SystemRequirementsLab site (aka Can You RUN It) to select specific titles from the list and directly test your PC. It’s quite accurate and I personally found it extremely useful, especially when I wanted to buy a digital copy but I did not know the exact needed requirements for that title.

Even if you see the recommended requirements failing you can still play the game, though. As long as you have the minimum ones you can still enjoy it although you’ll need to sacrifice the resolution and overall graphics for a better performance.