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Best Halloween Desktop Visuals

We are reaching the end of September already, which means that Halloween is now around the corner. This is a quick post I’m making in relation to my previous article about Desktop Visuals for gamers featuring Rainmeter and Wallpaper Engine, two great customization tools anyone can use to create outstanding graphic combinations, either static or animated. If you enjoy decorating your place at this time of the year, how about giving your PC/laptop a proper makeover as well?

I really enjoy Halloween and all that comes with it. Considering what the whole world is going through with the pandemic, a lot of us will be unable to attend parties or even organize themed events due to the required security distance. Consequently, some personal celebrations are in order here to still enjoy this upcoming holiday, so let’s get started to create a proper mood and the perfect atmosphere for our spooky month!

If you haven’t downloaded Rainmeter and Wallpaper Engine yet, head over to the linked post above to grab both tools and start decorating your machine. I will not cover Rainmeter’s functionality and code editing, as I’ve already done that in my other article. I searched through the many skins available online and to my surprise I couldn’t find as many Halloween themed widgets as I thought I would. It’s not really an issue though because we can customize other non-Halloween skins to make them look appropriate for the theme by changing colors in the .ini documents/included menus, or use them as they are should they already match in style.

Rainmeter Halloween and Halloween-esque skins:

Pileus Suite
Ultima Suite
Orange Fangtasia
Bloody Halloween

Note: If the skin you installed does not allow you to easily pick a color for the font and you don’t know which code to use, depending on the skin settings or .ini setup you can use a site like Rapidtables.

Combining Rainmeter with Wallpaper Engine, the result will be even more impactful. If the wallpaper you chose from the Workshop includes a spooky loop audio, your Halloween makeover will truly be complete.

If you have a dual or triple monitor setup, you can apply a different background to each screen for variety or use a seamless wallpaper that will cover the entire desktop area.

Wallpaper Engine Halloween backgrounds:

Halloween 🎃
🎃Jack O’Lantern
halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Cat – Animated
Halloween Kitty Minimalist
🎃🎃Halloween Special 🎃🎃!!!! | Witch Girl (includes a countdown ’till Halloween)
Cute Halloween Ghost
Smite – Vampire Scylla
Vampire Bathing
Angel painting
Angel Anime Couple
Half Angel and Half Devil
Audio Reactive WoW Illidan
Cyborg girl skin change (Audio Responsive)
Dark Autumn Forest
Demon Girl
Dragon Spiriting Purple Fire in 4K
Fallen Angel
Fantasy / Woman
Firewatch Midnight
Gloomy Angel
Lost Wolf
Supernatural Dean Sam
Tokyo Ghoul
Yuri Shwedoff – Warrior (Parallax)
Yuri Shwedoff – Wolf Pack (Parallax)
はろうぃん by saraki in 4K
Dark Souls Dreamscene

Don’t forget that with Wallpaper Engine you can also create your own scenes!

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